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Hiro, her Hero

Y’all know me by now. Every now and then I gotta release. And since I’m non-violent  I use my keyboard like a punching bag. Poor keys!

Anyway, last night, I had to exercise such restraint, when I boarded the train at Kikuna Station and a guy was standing near the door with a girl, perhaps his girlfriend or classmate… The train was a little crowded and about to get a little more so once the people on my line got on. As usual the people who boarded ahead of me sprinted away from the door so they wouldn’t be near me and the people behind me I was sure would board and go the opposite direction from the one I took. It’s the norm.

The girl’s back was to the door and the guy was facing the door. She didn’t budge until I reach the door. The guy noticed me, all of the cheer in their conversation vanished and he swung her around so that he was now between her and I, stiff shouldered and what not. Glancing over his shoulders out of the side of his eyes, and adjusting so that he was squarely, mathematically so, between us. You would think I was attempting to reach her by his behavior. The sudden swinging had alarmed his protectee so much she peeked around him expecting to see a Machete wielding maniac, but it was just me. But you wouldn’t know it by the look in her eyes; feeding his rationalization for acting out like he had and was.

She turned into a damsel formerly in distress, the ever-so grateful Sweet Polly Purebred.  Hiro, you’re my Hero.

As she awaited further guidance, if necessary, her eyes warmed over with gratitude for his having demonstrated his manhood and willingness to put himself between her and a clear and present danger.

Yes, me.

So, he used me to get laid, basically. It’s actually kind of clever…

I know,  I know, but I can no more ignore that kind of crap than I can ignore someone shoving an ice pick in my ear.

But as long as I can rationalize I’ll keep it together (-:


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Everybody is a star
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I love you for who you are
Not the one you feel you need to be
Ever catch a falling star
Ain't no stopping 'til it's in the ground
Everybody is a star
One big circle going round and round

Words by: Sly Stone

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