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Closing in on 25000 served (-:

Well, I’m not sure if 25,000 is saying much on a WWW with millions upon millions of users, but I sure feel something, so I just wanted to mark the occasion with a little shout out to all my readers and commenters who have taken time out of their busy lives (assuming you have a busy life) to read my blog and leave remarks. I truly appreciate it!!!

I can still remember when I first started this blog (all of 4 months ago) without a clue what I wanted to do aside from vent about my life in japan. Well, thank God I’ve figured out some other things I could do besides bitch and moan. I discovered what I like about this place and what I like about myself, and I truly believe that gift wouldn’t have been possible without the inspiration of my readers.

Special thanks to the following folks (in no particular order):

Jusuo: You were my first comment and predicted success, didn’t you? Well, can’t claim that prophesy yet but the potential is there. thank for the kind words though!!!

Kyon: You were down back in the days and always have a good word, so good looking out!

Jturningpin: Just keep on hitting me off like you do! I’ll keep checking 7:10 of course!

Justin: Languagebanditry is the bomb! And so are you! Thanks for the support

jaredinnakano: Good looking out…and thanks for pulling my coat a couple of times on my narrow thinking! (-:

Reason2write: You’re great! You’re like the voice of reason calm and wise. And I’m all over your adventures in India, living there vicariously through you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

Itainteazy: Thanks man, you are like the voice in my head only, I don’t know, realer! Thansk for the support!

TLR: My pal in Maui, you are so great and your responses on point and positive. Good looking out!

Zurui-san: Thanks for your support through Black Tokyo, without which 25000 would not have been a possibility.

XO- You have inspired the tweaking of several post with your passionate words. thanks a bunch!!!

Freedomwv: Your support has been wonderful as well, my companion in tribulation! Between us, we should write a screenplay about this lovely place.

Zen-san- Thanks for your give and take, you’re awesome.

and last but certainly not least

Michealjohngrist: Thanks for your long thoughtful comments that I practically have to write an essay to respond to (-:

Well I’m sure I forgot someone (though I clearly tried not to) If I did, all apologies and thank you so much for your support.


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