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I feel like a hundred grand!

As my blog hit count approaches 100000 I want to take a moment out to thank all of my readers for continuing to support me. You guys and gals have been great!

I’ve been a Japan blogger since November last year and during that time I feel like I have learned a great deal about myself as a writer and as a person and it has helped me tremendously. I didn’t realize keeping a  blog would have such an effect. I knew it would be cathartic. I didn’t know it would feel so rewarding. I work very hard on most of the entries, trying to dip a little deeper into that well of truth we all try to draw from…it’s not an easy task, telling the truth. The truth often has to face down my desire to entertain. This blog has helped me to find the balance between the two.

It has also helped me to moderate my feelings to a certain extent, and engage. Whereas venting and whining can be entertaining if done with a great deal of style, I’ve learned there are other ways to express complaints, or express feelings like anger or disappointment, without blatantly complaining,  ranting, and raving which I’ve found is not only uninspiring but also a little reckless and immature. Yes, the creativity factor derives from taking the time to choose your words carefully while expressing your feelings and formulating your opinions and concerns without spewing them all over the page- like the difference between penmanship and chicken scratch or merely pouring a bottle of ink on a page, I think.

The life of an ex-pat in Japan or any country can be a trying one…It’s great to have an outlet. It’s even better to have a creative outlet. That’s what I’ve strived for with this blog.

And, reading many of your blogs has helped keep me  get and remain grounded. I’m awed and humbled by the creativity of many of my reader’s blogs. They inspire me to work harder and spark my innate competitiveness which I’ve also found to be a useful motivational tool.

I realize that my responses to your comments as well as my comments on your blogs I’ve visited have gotten shorter and shorter recently, mainly because I’m hammering away at the book I’m trying to finish in the very near future. I only hope my book will be similarly if not far exceed the success of my blog thus far. A success no doubt due to all of you, so I want to say thanks. Thanks a lot!

Anyway, all of this is to say I take my blogging rather seriously (though not too seriously, I mean it is just anther blog after all) and I respect my readers’ intelligence and the time spent reading some of my rather long posts.

I hope you continue to read and enjoy Loco in Yokohama.




PS: And don’t forget to vote /rate my posts as you read them even if you don’t leave a comment. It helps me to know what my readers are thinking.

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Everybody is a star
I can feel it when you shine on me
I love you for who you are
Not the one you feel you need to be
Ever catch a falling star
Ain't no stopping 'til it's in the ground
Everybody is a star
One big circle going round and round

Words by: Sly Stone

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