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Anti-Acts of Retaliation #2: I thought he was a chikan…

…but I was wrong.

She was cute! I’d noticed her before the train had even arrived. She was wearing a mini-skirt, not so short, not so tight, 2-inch pumps and no pantyhose. She was a looker, but no more than the thousand lookers I see everyday here (Yes I still suffer periodically from the so-called Yellow Fever, especially in the summer.)

I had gone to Tokyo to meet a friend so I was on the Yamanote line headed for Shinjuku. The Yamanote riders are little harder to freak out than those train lines I frequent in Yokohama. What that means is, generally, the so called Gaijin perimeter is much smaller and sometimes even non-existent when riding the Yamanote.

The crowded train arrived, the doors opened and a few people got off. Then, unlike the organization I’m accustomed to in Yokohama, the crowd surged forward …These Tokyo city slickers at Shibuya Station stand in line really only until the train arrives. Then it’s every swinging dick and tit for his or her self.  To be honest, it’s kind of reminiscent of NY I hate to admit. I was pushed into the car. and found myself awfully close to the aforementioned Looker with the mini. In fact, my hand was mashed against her rear, wedged in by another passenger. “Sumimasen,” I whispered. She didn’t hear me. She had an I-Pod on and was texting away on cell phone…oblivious. Nevertheless I un-wedged my hand as quickly as I could.

There was an elbow against my ribcage. I turned to face the owner. He was a young guy, late 20’s dressed casually, hip even, and wearing dark shades. I rarely see guys wearing dark shades so I was surprised. He had a tote bag in his hand, I noticed. I would have written off the elbow as incidental if he had been doing what Japanese guys usually do around me (which is pretend I don’t exist, while all of their focus aside from their eyes is on me.) But, I could see clearly his focus was not on me…

It was on her!

Though he wore shades, his eye sockets were cast down towards her ass. One thing you notice when you live here about most Japanese guys is that they rarely if ever reveal lascivious thoughts  in public. No whistling or ass watching or “Hey Baby”s  or blown kisses or any of that stuff I grew up thinking was normal. Don’t get me wrong…I see them checking out girls, but it ‘s on the looooowwww! Only the bad boys do it conspicuously. So, I pegged him a bad boy. A little young to be a Chikan, I thought, and a little too cool, too. I mean, I see Chikan all the time and they usually look…I don’t know…uptight, frustrated, old.

So, I could easily block him but I actually hadn’t seen him reach for the ass yet. So, I just waited expectantly. I had shifted my position so that I could see what he did with his hands without his knowing I was watching. He was using his shoulder to angle himself for something but I could see his hand, and though it was angling towards her ass, it was being done in a way I had never seen any other Chikan do it. Was this some new Chikan technique? It intrigued me.

He could easily get his rub on. Clearly that wasn’t his objective. He was using the tote bag for cover,  as I’ve seen done many times but…

That’s when I realized what he was doing. I inched closer and looked down at his tote bag. He had worked it between her legs, and in the corner of it, there was something thin and cylindrical, with a lens, like a pocket flashlight turned off, and it was aimed right up her mini skirt!

Oh Shit! This fucker was making a movie! What a set of balls he had!

I can’t front. I love porno. And, minus the mosaic-shit they use, I really love Japanese porn. And I’ve seen these upskirt movies before. Usually these guys follow girls up escalators and shoot them from behind…but, I actually thought it was all staged. or mostly staged…I didn’t really believe these guys were out here. I was in shock. I felt like the time I literally ran into Spike Lee around my way…he was shooting a music video or a commercial or something.

By the time my shock wore off the train had pulled into Harajuku and the girl got off…he followed.

I wonder if they were together. Guess I’ll never know …


PS: Maybe this should be an almost Anti-Acts of Retaliation….

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